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Our DVDs are designed to educate horse owners and riders from the basics of horse handling and horsemanship to competing at high levels in the show arena.

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It is one thing to have enough knowledge to be a professional horsewoman, but it is another thing to be able to teach that knowledge to others in a clear and easy to understand way. Dana Hokana has both of these great gifts! Her training videos are by far the best information on the market today for training a winning western pleasure horse at home.
I had the pleasure of purchasing a three year old prospect from Dana last winter. However, I had not shown or done any kind of training for almost 10 years! The week I brought my new prospect home I purchased the Maximizing Series Volumes 1-3 and the Take Control Series Volumes 5-7 and all I can say is AWESOME!!! Dana explains everything so well and I love all the small pointers that she gives about how to catch small training cheats before they become big problems. Another concept that I’ve found to work wonders on my new horse is feel and timing with my hands, seat and legs. They play such a huge part in maintaining a happy, long-term pleasure horse.
After only a couple months of working with my horse and Dana’s training videos I’m back in the show ring and winning classes! It’s like I never even took the time off from showing. Thank you so much Dana for making my dreams of showing again a reality and for being so kind and supportive through my journey. You are truly an amazing and gifted horsewoman
Mary Ann Graves and Solid Gold Dimension “Chesney” , White Salmon, Washington
“I have had the privilege of riding in 3 of Dana’s clinics as well as many other clinics throughout my training and teaching career. Dana’s clinic at the 320 Ranch in Montana was hands down the best clinic I’ve ever been to. In just two days, Dana transformed my level of awareness and my horse’s performance abilities to new, exciting heights! The atmosphere and people involved in putting on the clinic were upbeat, positive and just good fun. Dana, her family and her assistant were more than just nice and caring of our needs and training goals, they were involved and supportive of our positive learning experience and personal growth. When it came to the actual training of our horses, all I can say is WOW! Dana’s motivation and positive approach pushed everyone to the next level. She holds nothing back and lays all her training secrets on the line to help everyone understand principles and apply techniques. All I can say is that it was a truly amazing in all aspects of training, and if you think you have a desire to learn how to develop each individual horse into a better athlete- Dana is your clinician!!!”
Pamila Thiel, Northwest College
I live in New Zealand and it is often difficult to access Western trainers here. This is my second year in Western showing after 30 years of riding English pleasure riding. Last season I had a young, green Paint QH , my first western show horse, and I had a few problems at shows due to both of our lack of training and experience. I bought seven of your training DVD’s and have them played over and over since I got them. I have been training my young horse all through our winter with your guidance from the DVD’s and the results are fantastic! Fellow riders who have seen him going recently have commented on the fabulous changes and great control I have with him.

I found your descriptions and examples of your training methods easy to understand and follow. The DVD’s have a wonderful positive feel to them and I really enjoy watching them! They give me the confidence I need to succeed in my training. I often watch one at night to refresh myself for my training in the morning. The pleasure training methods that you have shown me has also helped with our trail and horsemanship practice as well. I am continuing to watch, train and maintenance and look forward to a great show season ahead. Your DVD’s will continue be a long term part of my training and maintenance for myself and my horse.

Thank you for making this information in this format available to people like myself to follow.

Jane Valentine-Burt, Auckland, New Zealand
Hi my name is Sally Henshaw I live in Australia and bought your DVD’s from some-one that was getting out of horses and they are the best thing I have ever bought. Every time I have a problem I watch your DVD’s are there is always an answer to be found in them. My horse is very sensitive and he has not been easy and your DVD’S have helped me enormously
Sally Henshaw, Australia