Brook Hokana, Dana’s oldest daughter has followed in her mom’s footsteps since day one! Brook started out traveling and showing with her mom at a young age, she started out in the lead line under Dana Hokana Quarter Horses and it’s been a fun and successful journey since.  Brook has always loved the western pleasure and showing in that event. Brook always was excelled in her showing career riding behind her mom, as Brook says, “my mom made it to where success came easy when I would get on a horse behind her.”

In Brook’s career she has been top 10 at the prestigious Youth World in the Western Pleasure and the Reining, Congress Champion two years in a row in the Horsemanship, Congress Champion in the Reining, Res. Congress Champion in the Trail, Top 5 in the Western Pleasure, and many top 10 awards in numerous all-around events.  Growing up I was extremely blessed to have had the opportunity to have my mother as my trainer; a lot of people don’t understand how valuable that was to me. I excelled more than I ever would have being in another barn, going for the occasional lessons and picking out which shows I would be showing at for that year. My showing career was accelerated because I had my trainer in my back yard and that’s something I will never take lightly. My mom put me on the best of the best, I had the chance to own and show one of the best horses in the industry, Dimensionally Rosita who was bred and raised on our ranch.