I’m just grateful beyond belief.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me and who supports me. Helping you and your horse is my great joy.  I am honored and blessed to have received Reader’s Choice 2017 Gold for Best Clinician, Silver for Best All Around Trainer and Bronze for Best Western Pleasure Trainer, and I give all thanks to God who gives me this ability. My hope and my desire is that in my message I can be “a voice for you the horse lover, and a voice for your horse”, and to truly help you and your horse be the best that you can be, with a bond and a partnership that is rewarding and fulfilling beyond measure to both of you.

I love you all and am so very grateful to all of you!

Stay Connected Through Team Hokana

I want to stay connected with you all every month, that is why I developed Team Hokana – a video club where members receive 2-3 never before seen lessons, training exercises, problem solving methods, or interviews each month. It is truly a wonderful learning resource!  I also encourage your feedback and if you have a special request for a video I do my best to accomodate! Visit Team Hokana to learn more.

I have also produced some amazing training and riding DVDS that cover topics from ground work to competing and winning at the World Championship Horse Show! Visit my Videos Page to shop and learn more.

Let’s stay connected!